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Cooking without the fire activity in Don Bosco Tech- Chitradurga

Trainees of Don Bosco Tech- Chitradurga organized cooking without fire activity on December 11, 2019, under the guidance of Don Bosco Tech trainers. The theme for the competition was “Sprit of health".

Fr. Sonychen Mathew, Staff of Don Bosco Tech- Chitradurga and all the domains trainees participated in the event. The aim of the activity was to create a platform for trainees to showcase their hidden talents especially in cooking and explore new areas of interest and to spread awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without flame or gas.

The trainees were divided into 6 groups (Challenging stars, Shining stars, Power stars, Nine stars, Abdul Kalam and Madakari) for this event. The event was held at Don Bosco Tech’s dining hall. The trainees participated with full enthusiasm and selected some of the nutritional relevant recipes. They prepared dishes like fruits and vegetables salad, juice made by Lemon, Apple and Pineapple, different types of sandwiches, Pani poori and bread with ice cream and different types of milkshake, different types of nuts, etc. Trainees presented their food items in their own style.

Through this activity, the trainees learned some special things like the spirit of teamwork, presentation style, they also got some ideas on nutritional food and fire-less cooking. The event was concluded at 5 pm with full of energy. The day ended with the trainees themselves tasting the self-made items and feeling energized to go on in their life with courage and enthusiasm.