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Awareness - Road Safety

The Assistant Electrician, Food and Beverages Service-Steward and IT (Basic Computer) trainees of Don Bosco Tech (ITC North, Haridwar) attended a session on ‘Awareness - Road Safety,’ on January 21, 2020. The resource person was Mr. Jaiveer Singh (Sub Inspector, City Traffic Police) and his team.

The main purpose of this input session was to “bring conscientiousness among Haridwar youth on newly amended traffic rules. Because awareness about new traffic rules is low among this age group as compared to the rest of India. And thus breeding carriers of these rules,” said Mr. Shakti Singh (Trainer, Communicative English) in a telephonic interview. The amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act were passed by the Parliament recently but most have come into effect from September 1, 2019. This means that driving errors are going to make a huge dent in the victim’s monthly budget and some of them may cost the same or more than one's monthly fuel bill.

The transport ministry issued a notification dated August 28, listing out all the laws that have come into effect from September 1, 2019.

The amended rules, highlighted during the session, as follows:

1. For not wearing a helmet, the penalty has been increased from Rs.100 to Rs.1000 and disqualification of license for three months.

2. Penalty for not fashioning a seat belt has been raised from Rs.100 to Rs. 1000.

3. For over speeding the revised fine is Rs 1000 - Rs 2000 for light motor vehicle, Rs 2,000 - Rs 4,000 for a medium passenger or goods vehicles and impounding of driving license for second/subsequent offense

4. For drunken driving, imprisonment up to 6 months and/or fine up to Rs. 10000 for first offense and imprisonment up to 2 years and/or fine of Rs. 15000 for the second offense.

5. The fine for driving without a valid driving license is now Rs. 5000, which was Rs. 500 previously.

The trainees of Haridwar listened to Mr. Singh patiently. “It was really enriching to experience me. I am happy to know about new traffic rules. I pledge to follow it by not to ride a bike without wearing a helmet, for my safety and the safety of others,” said Mr. Sunny Rajput (Trainee, Food and Beverages Service-Steward, Haridwar).

It was a sort of rejuvenating for the participants. Awareness on Road and Safety was nice. It will help reduce traffic violators and it’s a concern about the safety of the passengers,” said Mr. Deepak Gandhi (Trainer, Food and Beverages Services-Steward, Haridwar).