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Don Bosco Tech – Ashadeep (Muzaffarpur, Bihar) organized a Guest Lecture for Electrical Trainees

h HSBC for CSR activity in Skill Development Sector in India. The first guest lecture for the Electrical trainees on First Batch enrolled under the newly signed project was held on November 25, 2016 at Don Bosco Tech - Ashadeep centre in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

Mr. Rajneesh Kumar was the resource person invited to deliver the helpful session on “Battery and its Safety”. He is an Electrical Engineer in Muzaffarpur Power Station. He started the session with small energizing activity and introduction of trainees. Moving towards the main focus of the lecture, he started by explaining about the use of Battery and it various types. He also discussed about PPE like as hand gloves, helmet, goggles, safety belts and leather shoes. He said, “All safety equipment has their own importance. By using this equipment’s, a technician or workers protect himself/herself from major accidents.” 

Mr. Rajneesh Kumar also briefly explained about different types of battery like as primary cell and secondary cell and its uses. He also showed the trainees how to calculate the voltage of the battery and differentiates between various volts.
Taking an opportunity, trainees also raised various questions like methods to develop a cell in Battery, job roles and responsibilities, career scopes, etc. As the session turned out to be very interesting, students was thoroughly enriched with new knowledge and tips that would help them in their work field. 
Finally the session concluded with one to one interaction between the guest and trainees and with words of gratitude.