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Parents and Guardians of Trainees attended Parents Meeting held at Don Bosco Tech, Chirag (Bihar).

and guardians of 1st Batch of trainees under the 5th phase of ABF project attended the parents meeting that was held on December 10, 2016 at Don Bosco Tech - Chirag center located in Buxar, Bihar. 

The meeting was organised by the trainers and staff of the center with an objective to evaluate the growth of their ward after they joined the training programme.

Trainees of Nursing Assistant and Electrical domains also attended the meeting where they presented welcome song and had prepared model project, practical notebook, etc. for the exhibition. Trainees briefly explained about the exhibited model to their proud parents.  

In the meeting, Sister Poonam (Centre Head) welcomed all the parents, guardians and the trainees to the meeting. She said, “The meeting is organized so that we can bridge the communication and understanding gap between an organization and the parents”. During the meeting, some helpful and motivational video was also screened for the audiences. 

The meeting had begun with the lighting of the lamp by the representatives of parents and guardians, Don Bosco Tech staff and Sr. Poonam. It was soon followed by melodious welcome song and a spiritual song.

Speaking to the audience, Mr. Dhirendra Kumar Singh (Community Mobilizer) described the process of training and the development of their ward. He insisted for the corporation from Parents to enhance the mission and vision of Don Bosco Tech. He aasked everyone to enrol the needy youth in our BASE program.

Mr. Vijay Yadav (ITES Trainer) briefed about the working structure and difficulties faced by trainees while relocating from one place to another. The information was shared on the basis of the need to know and understand by parents and guardians of the trainees of the difficulties or challenges that a trainee may face during these phase. He ensured for full support to the trainees to provide a job and better opportunities cooperation from parents to motivate their ward to undertake the job.

Md. Belal Ansari (Trainer-Electrical) said “We are privileged to witness the eagerness of the parents to visit the training centre and share their opinions with the trainers”. He briefed about the electrical trade and career as well as its future scope”. 

Parents felt very satisfied at the growth of their ward and the facilities provided for their wards in the training centre as well as in the hostel. They also acknowledge some positive changes in the behaviour as well as in the knowledge of their ward after they joined skill training program in Don Bosco Tech. 

Finally, the meeting ended with a beautiful closing song by trainees and a delicious meal arranged for everyone present at the meeting.