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Guest lecture organized for Nursing Assistant trainees in Don Bosco Tech (Chirag, Buxar)

d science based on knowledge, skill and attitudes”, said Sister Annie,Sacred Heart Convent Buxar.

With 35 years of experience in the field of nursing, Sr. Annie addressed 21 aspiring Nursing Assistant from Don Bosco Tech – Chirag of Buxar, Bihar gathered in the study hall on December 13, 2016. Trainees had been eager to meet and give a warm welcome to the guest since the day the learned of the scheduled guest lecture from their domain trainer.

Before she began, Sr. Annie gave a brief introduction about herself and her life and career in medical sector. She gave a delightful speech on the importance of experienced employees, personality development and soft skills that trainees are going to acquire during the training program. She also gave some tips and secrets to be an effective nursing staff as well as requirements of the Nursing trade in the current days. She added, “Like a seed, trainees also have many hidden talents which need flourish at the earliest”. 

During the lecture, Sr. Annie gave some examples on how one can develop their career from the bottom to the highest while discussing on different method to handle various situation and moods of a patient in the hospital during working hours. She practically showed the way to measure body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration and blood sugar. 

Motivating the trainees, she adds, “The period of training is very important to gain the knowledge and to equip oneself with all the required skills and techniques as well as to build a positive attitude towards this Nobel profession”. 

She also interacted briefly with the trainees to understand their knowledge gained during their training period. At length, she also spoke about the way one should behave and act when one’s go out and work. 

The eager trainees were all the more happy to have Sr. Annie in their midst and learn many helpful tips and knowledge that would help them in their career in the future. Trainees were glad and thanked her for sparing her precious time to visit them all the way to the centre to give this informative yet motivating lecture. 

Lastly, before the final farewell, Sr. Annie wished all the trainees for every success in their life and future career.