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Exposure visit organised for Hospitality Trainees of Don Bosco Tech – Ashadeep (Muzaffarpur, Bihar)

s organised for the trainees of Hospitality trainees of Don Bosco Tech – Ashadeep (Muzaffarpur, Bihar) on December 15, 2016. The main objectives for organizing the exposure visit is to observe and learn the practical work of a professionals already working in the same field as of their future career.  Hotel Chandra Palace, one of the renowned hotels in Muzaffarpur city, was the venue where all 30 trainees along with Mr. Vivian Vinay Jacob (Trainer - Hospitality) were warmly welcomed to participate in the exposure session. 

Mr. Prabhat Kumar (General Manager, Hotel Chandra Palace) gave a warm welcome to all the participants and commended on the helpful initiative by Don Bosco Tech to diversify the knowledge of the trainees by organizing this visit. After brief introduction about himself and of the organization, he began by sharing knowledge about the working structure in the Hotel Industry. 

Initiating the departmental visit, he also explained and showed all the modern amenities acquired and is available in the hotel. In the restaurant, trainees learned about table setting, serving procedure, different types of glass and crockery etc. Apart from Restaurant, trainees also got the opportunity to visit and learn about Kitchen and various types of rooms and dining areas available within the hotel. 

Trainees were very quiet excited with the opportunity to experience the things they learned during their training programme and practical session in the centre. Giving an option to be the potential employee of the organization, Mr. Prabhat Kumar offered to hire successful, highly motivated and hard-working trainees on completion of the training programme. 

Finally, the exposure visit ended with a higher note and great motivation for the trainees on gaining many helpful knowledge and tips required in the hotel industry.