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Exposure visit at V-Mart for Retail Trainees from Don Bosco Tech – Ashadeep (Muzaffarpur, Bihar)

exposure visit for Retail domain trainees enrolled under the SIB project to V-Mart, Sariyaganj located in Muzaffarpur, Bihar on December 20, 2016.  The purpose of this exposure visit was to show a working model and provide the information of the overall process of a Retail store.

Md. Tarikh Hussain (Store Manager, V-Mart) met the trainees and gave them a warm welcome. He explained about Retail industry and about the operational process of a shopping mall which include the sale and promotion to attract individuals both directly and indirectly. He said, “Retail is one of the India’s largest industry, and arguably the one that impact most of the population and also it is the country’s largest source of employment”. He also added that retailing in India has so far, been mostly in the hand of small dis-organised entrepreneurs and so it is one of the biggest industry in India.

During the course of the visit, trainees visited every section of the store to observe and learn the operation and execution process of the store. Explaining about the Customer Service, Mr. Md. Tarikh Hussain said, “It is the core element of retail store operations, and it is the lynch-pin that holds the entire work flow together”. He also spoke at length making the trainees familiar with the fundamental purpose of a retail store which is to provide an outlet for customers to view, handle and purchase items means for all the activities in a retail store that ultimately revolve around the service of customer. Apart from this, he also highlighted about the three categories of customer service, etc 

Finally, as the visit concluded, all the participants gratefully thanked Mr. Md. Tarikh Hussain and his team in V-Mart for welcoming and accommodating them with the informative and helpful knowledge about Retail industry and functioning of a store that would be helpful in the future career of the trainees.