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Nursing domain trainees visit renowned Multi-Specialist Hospital in Muzaffarpur, Bihar for an Exposure visit

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nducted with the purpose to enhance the knowledge of trainee where they can visit, observe and learn all the work activities executed in the proper functioning of a store. 38 Trainees of 1st Batch of Nursing domain enrolled under HSBC project in Don Bosco Tech – Ashadeep in Muzaffarpur, Bihar visited Maa Bhagwati Multinational Hospital in Muzaffarpur for an exposure visit on December 23, 2016.

Maa Bhagwati Multinational Hospital is one of the renowned and first Multi-specialist hospital in Muzaffarpur city. On reaching the venue, the participants along with Mr. Suresh Yadav (Trainer- Nursing Assistant, Don Bosco Tech) were warmly welcomed by Mr. Vijay Kumar (Hospital In-charge). He introduced himself and spoke briefly about the organization. 

Mr. Vijay gave a thorough tour to all the departments of the hospitals explaining in details on the importance and use of each one of it. He also showed all the modern amenities available in the Hospital. In a practical note, trainees got the opportunity to learn the proper filling of patient registration form, maintaining the IPD Document of a patient and manner to approach and talk to the Doctors and Nurses in the hospital. In the process, they also learned about Operation Theatre (OT), Out-Patient Department (OPD), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), etc.  

Trainees were very happy and was glad to witness with their own ways of the working culture and environment in a hospital.  They thanked Mr. Vijay and all the staff for welcoming them and giving them a valuable opportunity to watch and learn everything that would help them in their future career. Finally, the exposure visit concluded with a quick photo session.