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Guest Lecture on Electrical wiring held at Don Bosco Tech, Azara (Assam)

rranged for the first Batch of electrical domain trainees of Phase 4, ITC project in Don Bosco Tech – Azara (Assam) on July 16, 2016. Mr. Satyapan Kalita was the resource person who offered to visit the centre and enlighten the trainees with resourceful knowledge and information. Mr. Satyapan Kalita, works in Kalita Industry situated in Boragaon, Guwahati. 

He was warmly welcome by trainees and was glad to take the opportunity to come and meet all the promising youth. Speaking to the trainees, Mr. Satyapan said, “First and foremost, the most important things to be kept in mind while in the workplace is to wear all the required and necessary safety gears for your own safety”. He them highlighted the importance and the functioning as well as purpose of transformer. 

He motivated trainees to take all the opportunity that is given to them in the training centre to learn and educate themselves in this field as there is many new career opening and opportunity coming up with the rising demand in the market. He adds, “Until you are not passionate and dedicated towards one’s work, he or she will never ever succeed in their life”. Trainees also briefly interacted with Mr. Satyapan, asking several questions and clearing their doubt and queries regarding the electrical industry, career growth, etc.

With this helpful tips and meaningful resources, all the trainees were left motivated and excited toward their future. The guest lecture concluded with Mr. Satyapan wishing the trainees all the luck for their future.