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Lecture on 108 Ambulance Service conducted at Don Bosco Tech – Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh

It is often that peoples were not aware about the emergency service provided by the hospital, s and the wrong notion of avoiding to help an injured victim of an accident. To create and awareness of emergency helpline and action to help and save an injured people, let the centre and staff to arrange a helpful session on the ambulance service and medical emergencies. 

On Friday, March 24, 2017, Don Bosco Tech – Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh organized the 108 Ambulance service for the awareness on the services provided during emergency period. Mr. Bablu Khan, Pilot of 108, Mr. Sunil Sahu (EGT 108) and Miss. Dipshikha Sahu 102, EGT of Maharani Govt. Hospital, Jagdalpur was invited as the resource person to impart the knowledge. 82 Trainees attended the awareness lecture who also welcome the guests with cheers and applause. 

The program began with the introduction of each resource person and briefly interacted with the trainees. The session started with Mr. Bablu Khan and team opening the door of 108 Ambulance where he explained each equipment and its importance.  Step by step he explained the use of starchier, oxygen cylinders and mask, use of First Aid and emergency drug, how and when to use poly bags and raptor aviation, lightening for night operation, alpha particle monitoring equipment, NBC marking kit, water container, personal protective suit, use of portable generator, oxygen solvent and many more. 

Ms. Dipshikha pointed out that 102 ambulance service is used for transporting pregnant women’s and for the patients who is seriously sick. She insisted trainees to help people those who are in medical need during crisis and emergency. Ms. Dipshika added, “During emergency time like roads accident or sickness give a quick call to 108 to avail the ambulance for transportation to hospital”. Demonstrating demo of the emergency Cardiopulmonary resuscitation also known as CPR, she also explains step that should be taken when someone met an accident. 

Mr. Sunil Sahu spoke about the need of healthy and secured life and precautions one should take to keep him/herself heathy. He shared information about the precaution as well as recovery from snake bite, tetanus, etc. Trainees, on given the chance to put up a query, raised many questions which helped them to clear their doubt and precautions of common diseases. They were happy on having gain lots of helpful knowledge and got aware of the emergency services provided during emergency time. Overall the session was helpful and eye-opening for everyone.