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Hospitality domain alumnus visits Don Bosco Tech – Shillong, Meghalaya

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Idarisha Khongknaw, an alumnus of Don Bosco Tech – Shillong, Meghalaya, who was enrolled under NULM Batch-3 visited the centre to meet and interact with the trainees of the current batch. She was very excited to meet and share the positive changes and transformation happened after she became a part of Don Bosco Tech skill training program. 

She began the session with her self-introduction and her experiences during the training. Based on her experiences at Travancore Heritage, Kerela, where she is working at present, says, “I strives to learn to gain and to grow”. Speaking on the confidences and self-respect, she insisted that the trainees should focus on the perceptions of themselves, never to doubt their own academic abilities or question on whether they will fall behind or fails in the academic grade. She added to the point , “Regardless of this, one should belief in themselves that nothing is impossible”. She reminded that life is never easy; that they will have to go a long way, set achievable goals, emphasis improvement, and self-evaluate on time to time basis to compare throughout the year on improvements as well as failures. “ When I first join my work I find it very difficult to cope with the environment, I feel out of place and I will always called my trainer for guidance” she says.

She encouraged them to endure and to tackle obstacles which are inevitable. They should learn to adapt to the different environment, food habits, climate and people. She stresses on the importance of punctuality, discipline, team work, honesty and tenacity to work. “Hard work and loyalty pays” she says.

The class became active when they started interacting, seeking answers. Idarisha was a genuine witness as she testified her new venture because of which the students were very content as she clarified their doubts in the most helpful manners.  “I am very grateful to Fr Mathew , my trainer who always been there for me and to Don Bosco Tech for changing my life, supporting me in every ways where I am able to stand on my own feet right now” says Idarisha.

Finally, she concluded by wishing all the trainees a successful career and bright future.