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Session on Leadership

Fr. Santosh, Vice Principal Don Bosco Higher School, Dimapur, resource person, begins his session with an ice breaking, the game known as blind fold was played where the team members were divided into two groups.

It was a team work where all the team members participated in the activity. Through the ice breaking session, the facilitator conveyed a message of the importance of communication and team work and cooperation among each other. He said, as a team leader one should also have the quality of active listening and understanding to each other communication will make a best team. One should not just only listen to what the other person is saying verbally but should also know what he/she is trying to convey through his/her facial expression, body gesture and the tone of voice. Only then you’ll become a good responsible person and can solve a conflict in your life and in your team.

The session begins with a brief introduction on the meaning and definition of life skill on Leadership. He said skills are essentially those abilities that help promote mental well-being and competence in young people as they face the realities of life. Life skills enable us to translate knowledge, attitude and values into actual abilities, i,e., “what to do and how to do it”. These are set of core abilities sometimes described as emotional intelligence. The resource person narrated through activities and various games all the participate enjoy the programme. Through activities, the resource person conveyed a message that every individual is responsible in making their own life. Some time we fail to do our job and forget to give our best efforts but if we put more effort as a team or a leader then you can do better in life or you’ll build a best team and best society and you can make a better world. He encourages all the participants to build their life wisely so that they will not have a regrets in life. Then he concluded his session with a quotation “Everyday there will be an opportunity to smile or to frown, to dance or to drown, to be glad or sad. It’s a Choice!".