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A Guest lecture on Marketing for Retail Sales domain trainees

Don Bosco Tech – Muzaffarpur, Bihar had organized a guest lecture for Retail and Sales domain trainees enrolled under South Indian Bank project on July 5, 2017. Ms Amtul Fatma (Customer Relation Officer) at Bharti Airtel Ltd., Muzaffarpur was the resource person invited to give her valuable knowledge and share her experiences to the trainees who would be venturing out in the competitive world to earn the livelihood in a month or two. 

The lecture began with the introduction of the trainees and the guest. Sharing her life journey, she states, “It was not a smooth journey to the place where I am in today. I have learned many failures, experiences the hardship and had worked hard to reach this very place and status. It will take time to achieve one’s dream and it will be fruitful and sweet”. She also spoke about her career growth and importance of communication skill in the field of selling. Describing in details she said, “Customer services is important in the field of sales and customer is treated as a key and base of all the business activity. Without the satisfaction of a customer, the business will never succeed”.  She also gave tips on the importance and different types of body language, gesture and posture during verbal and oral communication.  Ms. Amtul also informs that Bharti Airtel will be fortunate to give opportunity to the promising trainees various benefits and a big career opportunity.

Mr. Rajnish Kumar Pandey (Trainer – Retail Sales, Don Bosco Tech) thanked Ms. Fatima for sparing some of her valuable time and sharing her experiences and knowledge with the trainees.  All the trainees were happy to learn about the new things and was motivated at the end of the day.