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HIV/AIDS awareness programme held at Don Bosco Tech -Zemabawk, Aizawl.



On June 2, 2017, HIV/AIDS awareness campaign programme was organised at Don Bosco Tech – Zemabawk in Aizawl, Mizoram for the trainees. A team from Shalom, an NGO that works mainly for and with the victims of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse, were invited to the centre to share some important topics that will help them to prevent spreading of this epidemic.

The programme was compered by Miss C. Lalrempuii, Sewing Machine Operator (SMO) Trainer and welcomed the Shalom team, trainees and staff of Don Bosco Tech – Zemabawk. It was followed by a beautiful welcome song by the trainees.

The program was organized by the centre’s staff for trainees, to create an awareness about HIV/AIDS virus and how it can be address, prevent and discussed that affect the lives of many youngsters all over the world in general and in Mizoram in particular.

Emphasizing on the need for an effective solution, the Shalom team shared the present situation scenario where they spoke mainly about the increased number of the deadliest virus spread among the individuals, families and communities through various channel. They also clarifies doubts and social stigma that society has created around the HIV/AIDS patients which is based on their fear of contacting the virus.  

A volunteer who is the suffering from HIV/AIDS virus shared her testimony about how she had to lived with the disease. She said, “I have faced a lot of problem in my life, my past was not a good one and when I came to know that I got infected with HIV it gave me great pain and was distress. Gradually I have overcome all these suffering and become stronger with time and with the help of Shalom team. I do not want others to go through the pain like I have gone through.”  The testimony was heart rendering that moved some of the trainees and caution the trainees to avoid every possible wrong step that could be the cause for infected with HIV virus.

Trainees and trainers collectively asked several questions that helped them to enlighten and clarify their doubts and queries. They later also contributed their feedback to Shalom team on these special awareness program that could help them do better in other such interaction.  

Lastly, the shalom team wished all the trainees safe and healthy life with successful career in future. The programme concluded with vote of thanks and prayer by Mr. PG Jonah (Cluster Coordinator - Aizawl) followed by light food refreshments.