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69 Trainees from 3 domains of Don Bosco Tech – Jagdalpur centre participated in one day field cum exposure visit

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On May 2, 2017, Don Bosco Tech – Jagdalpur centre organized a field visit cum exposure visit for Retail and Sales, Hospitality and Automobiles domain trainees. Binaka Mall were the venue and knowledge centre for trainees where prominent store like S. B. Retail Bazaar Downtown Automobile, and Mirchi Restaurant were located. Altogether 69 trainees from all the 3 domains participated in the field cum exposure visit. 

Prior appointment with Mr. Santosh jha (Manager, S B Retail Bajar) Mr. Srinivasan (Owner, Mirchi Restaurant) and Mr. Balram Maharana (Owner, Downtown Automobile) was taken to address and share fruitful knowledge to the participating trainees during the field visit.  

Retail and Sales domain trainees visited S.B. Bazaar, one of the best retail store in Binaka Mall to learn about the sales and marketing tips and ideas. On reaching the venue, trainees were warmly welcomed by Mr. Santosh Jha (Store Manager, S. B. Bazaar) and appreciated the effort of Don Bosco Tech to impart valuable knowledge and empower youth with a job placement. He also recognized the response and knowledge of trainees who eagerly asked questions whenever they are and answered to his simple question. Mr. Santosh Jha briefly spoke about himself, his life as well as work journey from then and now. He gave valuable tips and guidelines on how to manage customer with various personality, billing, maintaining stock, help customer to get right product, friendly interaction with the customer, etc. The trainees also got the opportunity to meet and interact with the current employees as well as an alumnus of Don Bosco Tech Jagdalpur, Ms. Rajni, who is an employee working at the store.  As a practical, Mr. Santosh Jha, helped a few volunteered trainees to handle some customer as a part of their learning process. 

Hospitality domain trainees, on the other hand, visited Mirchi Restaurant, a popular Indian restaurant in Binaki Mall. At the Mirchi Restaurant, trainees met with Mr. Srinivasan (Owner) who was glad to invite them for the exposure visit. Trainees also met with Ms. Sumitra and Ms. Dashri, alumni of Don Bosco Tech, Jagdalpur, who showed around the restaurant, giving ideas and sharing knowledge about various department functioning to make the restaurant popular. Kicking off the exposure visit, Ms. Sumitra executed the planning and preparation of menu card and taking an order from the customers. They also demonstrated different types of Food and Beverages services offered to the guests to make them comfortable and convenient. Trainees got an opportunity to prepare bills as well as use and purpose of different equipment’s, tools and crockeries like forks, spoons, dessert knife in the restaurant. Enthusiast trainees had shown keen interest to learn new things and asked many queries to understand the services. At last trainees thanked Mirchi Restaurant, specially Mr. Srinivasan, Ms. Sumitra and Dashri for giving them the opportunity to learn and experience new and helpful things that would help them in their future career.  

Guiding the trainees from Automobile domain, Mr. Mukesh Pandey (Trainer Automobile) visited Downtown Automobile where they met Mr. Balram, Owner of the Garage cum senior technician. They welcomed us and shown a good response of meeting. 

Mr. Balram started the session with the self-introductory followed by understanding the reason for taking up this domain as a career. Sharing about the workplace day-to-day routine and arrangement, Mr. Balram showed trainees on repairing and maintaining four-wheeler engine cabinet. Trainees vividly interacted with questions and clearing their doubt and concerns while learning some new knowledge and technique. Mr. Balram made sure that the trainees thoroughly understood his explanation, making the visit fruitful and helpful in their future career. He appreciated trainees for their enthusiasm to learn and discipline they maintained while wishing them a successful career.
Finally, each domain one -day field visit concluded with positive note and satisfactory learning not only for the trainees but also for the accompanying domains trainers.