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Self Employed and motivated Neog addresses the trainee of Golaghat

Don Bosco Tech Society (Golaghat, Assam) held a Guest Lecture-1 in its premises on August 24, 2019 to the Asst. Electrician domain trainees. Mr. Chimon Krishna Neog (Electrician, Self Employed) was the resource person of the day. He focused briefing on ‘Technical Courses can give an edge over other’. Being charismatic, dynamic, and lover of youth was enthralled to speak to these youngsters.

“Work is Worship; No work is Small or Big,” said Mr. Neog as he kick-started his interaction with the trainees. In aligning with this said, “Respect one's profession.” He also said that ‘one should be passionate about the profession’. Added, “The commitment will follow automatically.” He believes in Technical Education will give a person edge over others in the present scenario. Regarding a job he says ‘not to under-rate and shy away from doing any given work’. Being a self-employed electrician he said, “Electricians are much in demand today than ever before with advancement of modernity.” He added, “As the lifestyle is fast changing, with lots of electrical appliances you have a vast scope of earning even as a part-time job.” About money he said, “One should not run after money, rather be after knowledge and experiences.”

He also encouraged them to adjust to the lifestyle outside, about the lifestyle of a company. One must not expect uniform ethos or principal across the company. He added, these companies have the freedom to be unique. It is we who have to be adaptable; hardworking, being punctual, giving respect to the co-workers, and so on. He made them understand as to how an employee gets promoted and shapes his or her career adhering to the company’s principals. As the saying goes, ‘Respect is earned, not demanded’. Similarly, the promotion followed by salary increment.

He kept motivated the trainees to take their training seriously keeping one's aim at the forefront of everything which will shape their future dream as he concluded his interaction.