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Mr. Sachin Upadhya (alumni), the guest speaker

Don Bosco Tech Society has trained its pupils ready for orienting the groups. Mr. Sachin Upadhya (alumni) of Golaghat center working with Kanj Group of hotels is one such who addressed the hospitality trainees on October 18, 2019. “The training must be aimed at looking forward to job placement, said Mr. Upadhya.

“I am very happy to visit my alma mater after a long time. Above all to meet my juniors,” said Mr. Upadhya. Added, “Don Bosco Tech Society provides a platform from where every youth, like you and I can achieve your/ my dream,” as he began to interact with the trainees.

He also advised them to keep their spirit of learning and growing the same as it was at the beginning of their training. Regarding the placement, he aptly counseled them must-go for it. As you look forward to getting a good placement must be preceded by your hard work and sheer dedication must be shown in your training,” advised Mr. Upadhya. To keep these trainees motivated he shared his experience of working in hotel and scope of career growth in this sector. He said, “I took the challenge of coming out of my comfort zone to learn and grow what life teaches. Whatever I am today, it’s because of Don Bosco Tech Society.”

Borsha Rani Das said, “I am very happy to listen to Mr. Upadhya speak to us. His words are like piercing my ears who has chosen the right career path,” as the session ended.