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A Guest Lecture on CNC Cutting and Insert at Don Bosco Tech - Park Circus, West Bengal

On 1st of August, 2017 Don Bosco Tech - Park Circus conducted a guest lecture for CNC trainees, which was addressed by Mr. Brazil Anthony Sardar who is associated with Tech Mahindra’s a facilitator in CNC department since 2 and half years.

Mr. Brazil began the session by checking the knowledge of the trainees about CNC and usage of different tools in its operations. He discussed about CNC Cutting Insert, latest technology in use, and different tools and its usage. He drew few diagrams of tools and explained the correct angles and method of holding and using of  the tools while ed Positive Rake and Negative Rake. He also explained about 7 types of specification in details: i) Shape of a turning inserts.  ii) Change Angel.  iii) Turning Insert Tolerance IV) Turning Insert Type v) Turning Insert Size VI) Turning Insert Thickness vii) Turning Insert Nose Radius.

The lecture was easy to grasp for the students who in turned actively participated by asking several questions regarding the angle, degrees and tools. The queries were thoroughly explained where the trainees listened to very enthusiastically. They did gain lot of knowledge through this session.