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Parent Teachers Meet and New Batch Inaugural Program Held In Don Bosco Tech -Nitika, West Bengal

Don Bosco Tech Nitika, West Bengal organized an inauguration of new batch cum parent teachers meet for the third batch of trainees enrolled under ITC-MSK Year 5. Nazma Khatoon (Life Skills Master Trainer and State Communication Coordinator), Mr. Augustine Tesra and Saikat Chowdhury (Cluster Coordinators) were present at the day long Inauguration cum parent teachers meet. Altogether 73 trainees and 70 parents and guardians were present at the event.

The day began with the inauguration of the new batch which was celebrated with colorful cultural program presented by trainees followed by prayer song, traditional dance by trainees, lightening the lamp and offering a garland to St. Don Bosco.In the introductory speech, Saikat Chowdhury briefed about the purpose of the meeting; letting the congregation know about Don Bosco Tech’s mission and role of a funding partner like ITC in the training program.

Mr. Goutam Maitra, Center Coordinator of Don Bosco Tech Nitika urged the parents to motivate their sons and daughters to get into professional career. He adds, These two months of vocational training will make a trainee compatible for a job in the market. He also shared that the alumni of the centre are exhibiting themselves with flying colors in professional field especially in the hotel industry.

Soon after the short cultural program, Mr. Sunny Demion Mondal, Cookery Trainer shared about his experience in hotel Industry and job opportunities for hospitality trainees. He told that It is indeed a glamorous profession which provides a lot of exposure and has a bright future

On the other hand, Mr. Goutam Maitra, Food and Beverage Service Trainer, talked about promotions at workplace and the further placement opportunities in India and abroad. Furthermore, he shared various examples and success stories of former students and praised the stupendous work of skilling program of Don Bosco Tech. and discussed issues like trainees medical facilities, weekly and monthly off and emergency contact personnel and salary related topics.

At the end, Mr. Shovraj Ghanta, Communicative English and ITES Trainer thanked parents and guardian for their wholehearted participation in the gathering to make it substantial and he also thanked the trainees for responsibly conducting the short and imposing cultural program.