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Guest Lecture at Don Bosco Tech (Gagillapur)

To share the recent trends in the new job market, a guest lecture was organized at Don Bosco Tech (Gagillapur, Telangana) for Electrical trainees on August 10, 2018. Don Bosco Tech conducts advance training in Assistant Electrician Domain in partnership with JP Morgan in Gagillapur centre. Mr. Ravi Kumar (Senior Technician, Bosco Tech Power Services Pvt Ltd) invited as resource person to give this lecture to the trainees.

The session was started with normal interaction with all the trainees with their family background and educational qualification. After the self-introduction, Mr Ravi briefed about some principles of Electricity and also about the scientists that include the father of Electricity. Then he explained about the power supply, types of power supplies, AC and DC current with appropriate examples. He also discussed about the structure on how power supplies flows from station to house with transformers at each level in simple language.

Later he explained about Inverters, types Inverters, need and parts in Inverters like Integrated Circuit, Timer, Comparator, Transistor, Semi-Conductor, Transformer, Relay Switch, Rectifier, Diodes and Resistor etc. He drawn the circuit diagram of inverter and how its working based on AC and DC power supplies; and the trainees were satisfied by his explanation of circuit diagrams.

He guided all the trainees about the role of Electrician and his daily life. By narrating the story of kings and ministers in the kingdom, he explained about how to estimate the houses for wiring in which he simply related to Electrical subject and explained about the job roles of Electricians.

At the end of the session, all the trainees felt were happy and the way he explained the subject especially on inverters and thanked for his presence at the centre. The Guest lecture was winded up with group photo.