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Arts and Sports Day celebrated in Don Bosco Tech (Sulthan Bathery)

The field of learning is broad and extensive. It was joyful for all in Don Bosco Tech (Sulthan Bathery). We celebrated the Arts and Sports Day in the month of August. The celebration was started on 1st august 2018 and came to a happy ending on 16th August 2018.The students were fully enjoyed and being energetic while doing the activities. The students were participated in different items without any shyness.

And the students were divided into three groups (A, B and C). So all were participated with a team spirit. We conducted the offstage items also. It includes essay writing, pencil drawing, poem recitation, story writing, etc. Offstage events were conducted in the first five days and the on stage items were conducted on 13th August with Folk dance, Oppana and all other Cultural events. 

All the games were conducted on 16th August 2018. It was a memorable day for students and trainers. Four groups were selected for the games as per the domains. Electrical students won the cup for Football match. The celebration was end with the beginning of Kerala’s biggest festival Onam.