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General Duty Assistant Guest Lecture

On August 29, 2018, a guest lecture session was organized at Don Bosco Tech (Patna) for the GDA students. Dr. Prabhat (Owner, N. S. Emergency Hospital) was invited as resource person for the guest lecture to offer training to the underprivileged and marginalised youth to empower them and provide a better future and opportunity.

Dr. Prabhat met the trainees and gave them a warm welcome. He explained about the functions of various departments in a hospital. He also discussed on how to handle different situation and different moods of patient at working period in hospital. Some useful topics were discussed in the session like;

1)    How do you care a patient in a Hospital?
2)    Role & Responsibility of a Nurse 
3)     Some useful tips on Epilepsy. 
4)    First Aid Kit, Characteristic of First Aid Kit, etc.
5)    What is Blood Pressure and How to Check Blood Pressure?
6)    Personal Care and Importance of Hygiene.
7)    What is vital sign, types of sign and its Importance?
8)    Process of wounds dressing to a patient in hospital.

He was very happy to see the curiosity and enthuse of trainees. He also ensures that he will come again for taking interview for the placement of trainees in his organisation.