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Market Scan of Retail sector by the trainees of Don Bosco Tech (Perambur)

To prepare less-educated youth for the new economy jobs, the vocational training needs to become responsive to changing employment needs. Today, the young people look not only for livelihood but for dignity, purpose and meaning in their lives to utilize their skills with best opportunity.

A sort of realistic session called 'Market Scan' was planned at Don Bosco Tech (Perambur, Tamilnadu) on October 11, 2018 for Sales Associate trainees under Quest Alliance project. The trainees were informed a week ago about the expectations and benefits of the market scan. They had various thought to depart to amass tidings in dissimilar sales field.

The entire batch of Sales Associate trainees have moved out with official permission letter and market scan outlines to divergent spaces to accumulate the data in retail zone. Throughout the market scan, they had breathtaking skills in the practical session by meeting dissimilar faces in different places. At the end of the market scan, they acquaint several of the necessities which the retail sector expects for; fluency in communication to greet a consumer and make clear about the artifact evidently, an individual must be tidy to admire the customer, should be very brand enough deal with the customer at all the time these instruction made them to spotlight on extraordinary skills. All the trainees had filled the form appropriately with seal and had photos with the employer in the sales place. On the whole the Market scan was to be on familiar with the prospect of the employer from the fresher. The trainees added great acquaintance through the matter-of-fact experience.