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Field visit by the BPO trainees to Competent Synergies

A field visit for the trainees of BPO domain has been organized by Mr. Yogesh Kumar (BPO Trainer, Don Bosco Tech - Chandigarh) to Competent Synergies Pvt. Ltd. on December 14, 2018. The objective of the visit is to get some knowledge about the workplace and use their theoretical knowledge while receiving the live calls.

While entering the premises of Competent Synergies, the trainees were very happy and excited to see the real workplace of BPO sector. Everything was planned earlier for the visit and was also discussed with Mr. Gurdeep Singh (HR Personnel, Competent Synergies). As the trainees reached at the premises, Mr Gurdeep welcomed all the trainees in the training room and introduced himself very nicely. After his introduction, he shared the details related to the background of the organization. He also took a session with the trainees regarding the domain knowledge. He interacted with all the trainees and told them about various departments in a BPO sector.

After that he divided all the trainees in two groups so that the trainees can visit the floor in two parts. He asked the trainees to sit along with the Customer Service Representative (CSR), who were taking calls of the customers on the floor and resolving their queries. He also provide headsets to all the trainees so that they can listen the calls carefully and understands the live queries of the customers and gave an opportunity to resolve the queries of the customers.

It was really a very wonderful and a new experience for all the trainees as it was the time when they were able to experience the actual floor of BPO organization. The trainees have felt that the subjects which were taught to them in the classroom are very important for their upcoming future career. Trainees also demanded more field visits in upcoming days during their training programme.