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Drawing Competition


 Don Bosco Tech Punalur


                        Don Bosco Tech students from Punalur have demonstrated that there is "no lock down" for talent and exhibiting it. The center organised a drawing competition for the two batches in training on 20th July 2020. The students could participate in the comfort of thier homes and pass on the drawing to the staff digitally. It was very encouraging to see enthusiastic particiation by both the batches namely that of Data Entry Operator and Retail.

The trainees could decide on the them of the drawing and particpate. It should be noted that most studetns took themes related to the current COVID-19 and came out with drawings depicting such points as 'Break the Chain', 'Live Safely', 'Save life - Stay Home'; 'Let’s take care of each other to save the earth' etc. The students wonderfully depicted the need of social and personal responsibilty in these times. And other drawings also included themes like Nature, Beauty, Cartoons, Birds etc.

              It was good to see the creativity demonstrated through thier work .The competition was a great opportunity for all and some of them were taking part in a drawing competition for the first time ever.  There was great interest and they did enjoy this activity.  The competition proved to be great success. The participation as well as the outcome was appreciated. The joy of  creating and expressing their thoughts by drawing is surely unparalled.