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Parents Meeting at Punalur center amidst lockdown

A student can be helped to achieve greater success only if there is a clear-cut understanding of parents and teachers. Keeping this in mind online meeting for both, the trainees of Data Entry Operator (DEO) and Retail Sales and their parents, which was held on July 23, 2020, at Don Bosco Tech Society, Punalur center a unique experience. The meeting covered varied aspects of the training, right from online classes, placements to migration for jobs to other cities.

The meeting began for the DEO at 10:30 am followed by Retail Sales at 12:40 pm. Mrs. Gracy Francis (Trainer, Sales Associate), welcomed and presided over proceedings of the meetings. From both the domains, 36 parents and 39 trainees attended in all.

Trainers, such as Mrs. Geethu Angel Bosco (IT), Mrs. Francis, and Mr. Das MS (Domestic Data Entry Operator), highlighted the advantages of online classes as it is a mode of personalized learning while knowing the use of technology; computer, mobile phone, etc. Mrs. Bosco talked about the difference between professional life and personal life.

Post the briefing session, the participants spent a couple of minutes asking questions and answering. While talking about the training and placement, some of the parents raised a question related to migration. It was the trainers who encouraged the parents to allow their children to migrate to other cities for employment. Overall the parents seem to be optimistic and enthusiastic about the training and placement provided by Punalur center.

Those parents who attended online classes along with their children said, “We couldn’t learn Spoken English and Computer while studying schools or colleges. This is the best platform from where one can learn to speak English, somewhat.”

Towards the end of the meeting, the trainers held a sort of cultural program where the students sang songs; both solo as well as group and storytelling. In the end, while seeking their feedback, the parents said they are happy about the way classes are held. They, from their part, vouched to encourage their children to be regular and punctual. The program was a great success with the active participation of the attendees.

The day was concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Bosco, who proposed a vote of thanks. It was followed by the singing of the National Anthem.