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AIDS Awareness Program at Don Bosco Tech (Sivakasi)

An awareness program is organized in Don Bosco Tech Society (Sivakasi) on December 20, 2018. The objective of the program is to disseminate and inform about HIV/AIDS to the trainees of Domestic Data Entry Operator and Sales Associate domains. Mr. Prakash (Coordinator, Vigan Foundation) invited as a resource person for the awareness program.

Mr. Edwin Kowsik (Trainer, Sales Associate) welcomed the guest and the trainees for the awareness session. Addressing the trainees, Mr Prakash said, “A significant reason for the spread of HIV/AIDS is the lack of awareness - particularly about the modes of transmission. Hence enhancing the awareness levels of the public in general and of people in the high risk category in particular, is crucial.” Therefore, raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and clarifying the misconception is an effective tool towards prevention. Moreover, it is also vital to break down the stigmas and misconceptions associated with HIV/AIDS so that effective treatment of HIV-positive persons can be carried out in a manner that ensures their basic human rights.

This program established awareness on AIDS - prevention, protection and treatment - amongst the trainees. Students took part in an interaction and cleared their misconception eg. ‘mosquito bite cannot spread HIV’, ‘close kiss cannot spread HIV’, ‘sharing cloths cannot spread HIV’ etc. The queries were answered by the Resource Person.  Students have received a meaningful message from the guest. Finally, the program concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Oscar (Mobilizer, Don Bosco Tech).