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2nd Industrial Visit Report: Automobile Repair

On 28st July, 2018 we went to the Progoti Motors for get to know more about the Automobile Vehicle services. First we met Mr. Poran Jyoti Gogoi (Service Manager, Progoti Motors) and told him about the purpose of visiting. Mr. Gogoi was excited and pleased to hear about us and he started explaining us about Progoti Motors service workshop. He said that Progoti Motors is the largest manufacturer company of IC engines. He also told as about the new future technology cars, car design, car prices and maintenance. 

He took us to the manufacturing area of new car engines and gave a brief classification about the Progoti Tata Motors engines and their uses in each field. The below mentioned points are the important things that he shared us about the TATA Engine.
1.    About new Progoti Tata Motors engine.
2.    About Tata fuel injection system.
3.    About Differential and Propeller Shaft system.
4.    About New Model Car Automatic Gear Shifting System.
5.    How to work a Technician in a workshop.
6.    About car electrical system Battery, self-starter, ignition system etc.
7.    About Petrol engine Spark Plug and Carburetor work.

All the students were happy and took keen interest in learning and listening to the description said by Mr. Gogoi Bora with great interest. The trainees learned much more about the Tata engine and its system of using and now they can be able to visualize their upcoming future through the Automobile with this up gradation.