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Monitoring Visit by Accenture to Don Bosco Tech – Sabbavaram (Andhra Pradesh)

On November 12, 2018, as a part of the monitoring visit from Accenture, Mr. Aji Augustine (Deputy General Manager, Accenture) visited Don Bosco Tech (Sabbavaram) center located in Andhra Pradesh. He was welcomed by a team consists of Rev. Fr. Ratna Kumar, SDB (Centre Head, Don Bosco Tech – Sabbavaram), Ms. Niveditha E. (Regional Manager, Don Bosco Tech), Mr. Chilaka Mohan (State Coordinator, Andhra Pradesh), trainers and the students at the center. The proceedings for the day started by presenting a bouquet and a welcome song. 

It is enriching and motivating to see that Mr. Aji preferred to interact with students who are benefitting from the project funded by Accenture. Ms. P. Rani (Communicative English Trainer, Don Bosco Tech) introduced him to the trainees. Mr. Aji interacted with the students and encouraged the students to work hard and bloom, where they are planted. This approach of motivation from him enabled the staff to be rooted and to understand the need to be grounded for any life oriented struggle especially while taking a preferential option for the marginalized sections of the society. 

Sharing his experience, Mr. Aji said, “It is very glad to interact with you all with beautiful smiles on faces. I appreciate each and every youth for opting Don Bosco Tech since we partnered with for a long time to impart skill training and giving better skills, opportunities, and jobs to the needy poor candidates. I thank everyone, who make this day so special and unforgettable. Wish a word to your friends and neighbors, let them come to the center and get trained and get employment. Learning is a continuous process in life so don’t relax and stop until you reach goals. Be positive always and help our friends and neighbors.” 

Ms. Niveditha also accompanied him on the special occasion. She said, “I am very happy to see the trainees in uniforms. The makeover in these months certainly gives us an assurance that all of you guys are ready to enter into job-market. The real life will begin when you enter to work in an organization for your livelihood. So apply all the skills and knowledge whatever you learned here to succeed in life. And I assure you all that Don Bosco Tech will always help you in any aspect whenever and wherever you need.” 

Mr. Mohan motivated the trainees by his speech with touchable words and encouraged all to become achievers, asked to keep their goals clear and working hard in that direction with the lasting impression at different stages of our journey towards the goal. 

At the end of the visit, he interacted with the old trainees and felt happy with their presence and their employment status. Thanked all the students especially staff of the center for such hard work they executed and the visit was winded up with a good impression towards the organization.