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Inauguration & Parents Meeting , Don Bosco Tech Chitradurga

Batch  Inauguration Programme & Parents' Meeting

Don Bosco Tech-Chitradurga has conducted "31st Batch Inauguration Programme Cum First Parents Meeting" on 29 July, 2020 through the"Google Meet application". Fr. Sonychen Mathew (Director Of Chithra Don Bosco, Chitradurga), Fr. Dhaveedu Yesudass (Acting Administrator of the CHITHRA Community), the  trainers, 24  trainees and few  parents participated in the meeting.

The programme kick-started at 10: 30 AM and a warm welcome was accorded by Mr. Javeed (Trainer-BPO). The main agenda behind the session was to give orientation about Don Bosco Tech Society and collect the feedback from trainees about the online training.

 Ms. Shruthi (Trainer, Retail marketing) interacted with the trainees and  informing them about Don Bosco Tech's training and Chithra Don Bosco's facilities and training offered at the centre.

Fr. Sonychen Mathew addressed the meeting and spoke about Covid-19 Pandemic. He explained the history and symptoms of corona virus and how one needs to  take precautions. He also shared some standard recommendations for preventing the spread of the coronavirus such as the need and importance of wahign hands regularly, use of soap and sanitizers, covering the mouth and nose  when coughing and sneezing, wearing mask and hand gloves  in public places etc. He also stressed on the importance of social distancing as a normal way of life during this pandemic. 

He  invited  trainees to take full advantage of  online training.  He also advised the trainees not to be afraid of Covid-19 and just learn to live with this epidemic with full precautions. He eventually gathered feedback on online training sessions and concluded his speech by giving a brief introduction about Chithra Don Bosco's various other projects.

The meeting concluded at 11:30 AM with formal vote of thanks by Mr. Rangappa (Trainer-CE& ITES)