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Inducting the trainers on the process of Don Bosco Tech

Don Bosco Tech organized a Training of Trainers (ToT) program for all Don Bosco Tech staff of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in Vishakhapatnam from April 29 to May 1, 2019. Rev. Fr. Eugene Florence (Director, Don Bosco Skill Mission), Mrs. Niveditha E. (Regional Manager - South, Don Bosco Tech) and Mr. Tony Chako (Asst Manager, L&D Department) are the resource person to conduct the ToT. Mr. Chilaka Mohan (State Coordinator, AP and Telangana) welcomed the resource persons.

On April 29, Mr. Mohan introduced the resource persons to the staff members of Don Bosc Tech and RMSA. He also introduced the state team to the trainers to get them to know to communicate further with the state office for any queries. “It’s a great privilege to have you all at one place with the presence of the national and regional teams. The purpose of this program is to build the capacity of the trainers by aligning them with the system and process through activities,” said Mr. Mohan.

“Adults are not empty vessels; they have abilities and skills but need a mentor to apply such skills in an appropriate manner. You are part of the Don Bosco Tech family and brand ambassador who actually take constructive steps to empower youth at ground level, I request you all kindly share your opinions and requirements in this training program and make this platform as a learning curve for yourself,” said Rev. Fr. Eugene Florence. Mrs. Niveditha also encouraged trainers to let them know the real factors, difficulties, and technology, which are going to play a crucial role in Don Bosco Tech.

The first session started by Mr. Tony with a brief introduction about Don Bosco Tech, vision and mission. There he involved all trainers into discussions through different soft skills activities and that was really touched. He also demonstrated how Don Bosco Tech started, its origin, etc., by summarizing all the centers across the country with different projects. In the afternoon session, Mr. Hyder Basha (Hospitality Trainer, Don Bosco Tech) conducted an activity based on articles formation. All the trainers are divided into groups and participated in the activity which was a mind game and tremendous activity that makes them think out of the box.

On 30th April, the morning session started with a small inspiration story narrated by Rev. Fr. Eugene Florence. By that positive vibes, all staff interacted/participated in the session by Mrs. Niveditha which is mainly focused on Don Bosco Tech Automation. She recalled the registration forms and taken feedbacks how we suppose to take the students for training, targeted groups, etc. All trainers gave their feedback/experience of how they enrolling the candidates for the training. Mrs. Niveditha demonstrated BOONFACE with each and every session in detail to all the trainers. 

On the same day afternoon session was taken by the State team to RMSA staff and National team to BASE staff. Mr. Mohan introduced Mr. Vinod state MIS & Placement Coordinator to RMSA staff. He oriented about the inceptions and batch creations which they are now following. Later Mr. Suresh Babu (Finance & Admin Executive, AP & Telangana) took session about the salary queries and attendance supposes to submit to state office. Then Mr. Mohan interacted with them regarding the field visits, guest lectures and innovative ideas of students. Whereas Mrs. Niveditha interacted with DB Tech staff regarding the inceptions and B2B gaps. There she suggested all staff to focus more on Batch to Batch gap. Finally, the sessions winded up with a group photo with all the staff of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana