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Guest Lecture on ‘Responsibilities of a Customer Sales Associate’

Don Bosco Tech (Karunapuram) organized guest lecture for the trainees of Sales Associate domain on May 21, 2019. Ms. Bhavani (Customer Sales Associate, Heritage Fresh, Hyderabad) was invited as a resource person for guest lecture. 

She started the session with her introduction and shared about behavioral skills and main responsibilities of Customer Service Assistant at the store. Then she started telling about the key responsibilities of a Customer Sales Associate in a store or mart. First key responsibility of a Customer Service Assistant is to place the important products in the most visible place in the store so that it becomes easy for the customer to search for it. Second responsibility of Customer service assistant stocking the products in the store. Stocking means checking the expiry date of all the products and removing the expired products from the stock. She also told the trainees that the frozen items should not be kept more than one week in the stock.

Ms. Bhavani explained about the behavioral skills of Customer Service Assistant in Retail management and relationship with the customer. She Suggested the trainees, not to reveal any official matters to anyone regarding the store or mart.

She also told the trainees about the growth in the Retail sector. She started by telling the trainees about the Promotion levels of Customer Service Assistant in the store and explained clearly to the trainees about how to be active and attractive in store, and how to handle the higher authorities in the mart or mall. Customer satisfaction and grooming skills are most important to get the promotion in this sector. She also explained them the ways a Customer Service Assistant can help a customer to buy products and to help them buy the best deal in the store or mart. She also explained them how to do the billing and to use the Credit and debit cards for billing in the billing counter.

By sharing her experience, she said, “When I was training at the center, I was also in dilemma to choose the sector and I was confused as I wasn’t sure of how long will I be able to work in that particular sector but after the placement post-training, I was happy with my job and got promoted to further positions in the store. It became all possible because of the trainers who taught me well about behavior, communication skills and others apart from the domain. I really thank Don Bosco Tech staff and management for providing such courses to the needy and poor candidates like me and for supporting every unprivileged youth in the country.”