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An Exposure Visit by Sales Associate trainees to Reliance Fresh

An exposure visit was organized by Don Bosco Tech (Karunapuram) for Retail trainees on May 22, 2019. Trainees were happy to visit retail store to gain practical knowledge and observe the things that are set out in the retail industry. Under the supervision of Mrs. Rajitha (Store Manager, Reliance Fresh), the trainees allowed to visit the store during the business hour. She introduced the trainees to Mr. Anil (Assistant Store Manager, Reliance Fresh) to assist the trainees about the Retail Management and main key roles of Sales Associates in store. He guided the trainees in each and every department of the store.

He responded well and guided the trainees by explaining about the arrangements of products like displaying and stocking of the Items. Then he took the trainees to the different sections in the store like frozen items, food Items, stationery items, grocery items, and other items. 

He also told the trainees that the behavior of the sales associate plays a vital role in the retail industry since they are supposed to deal with the customers always. From welcoming the customers to leave the store, the sales associate has to be there to support customer to purchase the products. He said that the most important thing for a sales associate is to have patience in order to deal with the customers.

Mr. Anil also demonstrated our trainees about, how section responsible persons should wear gloves, cap and shoes. He added by telling about the discipline, punctuality and hard work which helps a sales associate grow in the retail field apart from the actual domain knowledge.
At the end of the exposure visit, all the trainees expressed their gratitude to Mrs. Rajitha and Mr. Anil for explaining them about the unknown things in the retail industry. The visit winded up with a group photo.