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An motivational speech by Don Bocso Tech Alumnus

Don Bosco Tech (Kurnool) organized the guest lecture on Soft Skills for all the trainees on June 4, 2019. Mr. Naveen, a Soft Skills Instructor in the Institute of Language Management and the alumnus of Don Bosco Tech, was invited as the resource person for the guest lecture.

He started the session by introducing himself and then he explained about communications in the Hotel Industry and the importance of English in all the job sectors. He also added that with the good English communication skill, a person gets lots of opportunities in the workplace.

He explained that apart from self-esteem, soft skills are also important for any youth who wants to make a career and be successful. He said that it takes confidence to venture into uncharted waters, no matter their rewards and the participants should be reminded that soft skills are key to grab an opportunity in any work field. He encouraged the trainees to identify their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

He added by explaining the good communication skills, good listening skills and body language, which are different forms of communication and whose importance is often overlooked. Being a good listener is a rare trait, and that is sure to attract a lot of people. Proper communication at the workplace will not occur unless the participants feel comfortable communicating on a personal level. He also mentioned that good communication skill provides a good impression.

Good body language emanates confidence and is also welcoming to others. Examples of the bad body language which can turn people off are: slouching, sitting with your back turned to others and facial expressions that show boredom or irritation. 

He was happy to know about the vision and mission of Don Bosco Tech organization and appreciated the organization for providing skill training to unprivileged youth and for giving livelihood to youngsters. He said that these programs are reducing the unemployment in the market and Don Bosco Tech is playing an important part in helping the unemployed youth by guiding their career and enhancing their soft skills which are useful in every aspect of life.

By expressing his gratitude, Mr. Naveen said “Don Bosco Tech is a great organization and I feel proud to be an alumnus of Don Bosco Tech (Kurnool). I was a trainee of Don Bosco Tech (Kurnool) in 2013 and I thank my trainers for making me what I am today.”

He motivated the trainees by making them realize the importance of English and Soft Skills and gave them the confidence to be independent.