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Together Towards Tomorrow

An eMeeting was organized for the state of Tamil Nadu on July 28, 2020. Among the participants were the Centers’ Head from Chennai and Tiruchy Provinces, Executive Director (Don Bosco Tech Society), Director (Planning & Development, Don Bosco Tech Society). Director (DBSM), the staff members of Don Bosco Tech Sociey (National and State Office). The meeting aimed to discuss the diversification of training and operations methodology during and post COVID-19.

The meeting started with a meaningful song “The Power of the dream” by Celine Dion which speaks by itself of the need to dream big and think out of the box approach to skilling and empowering, especially during and post-pandemic. The participants were invited to join hands TOGETHER TOWARDS TOMORROW with Don Bosco Tech Society in finding new ways to sustainable livelihood for needy youth, especially during this time of uncertainty and chaos. Those 2 eye-opening hours enriched to think out of the box for the days ahead. Fr. Joseph Elavanal (Director, DBSM), encouraged everyone to participate actively in the discussions and share their views and ideas to find new opportunities by going beyond the challenges of COVID-19. The session discussed were:

  1. Changing Scenario of Skill Ecosystem post COVID-19
  2. Understanding features of BOONFACE
  3. Networking beyond Projects
  4. New Center MoU Guidelines
  5. Projects & Centers in the State/Province
  6. Need to shift the way we plan and operate

The insights of the discussion were to have such meetings regularly so that we can grow together by exchanging employment opportunities with the networks, to explore agro-based skilling interventions and also to set up a business unit for opportunities. Fr. Paul Mark (Technical Commission Head, Chennai) had suggested this point strongly. The day’s event had a lot of interesting and thought-provoking sessions and discussions. As we go forward, the interventions require to bridge the digital gap. The centers, together with Don Bosco Tech will curve-out creative and sustainable ways of skilling and empowering the youth of Tamil Nadu. Such sessions will be continued for BOONFACE orientations. One to one or in small groups with centers will be organized to explore different models of the skill training program and networking support.