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World Youth Skills Day celebrated at Don Bosco Tech (Okhla)

Don Bosco Tech (Okhla) organized ‘Get Skilled, Get Employed’ on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day on July 15, 2019. Mr. Bilal Sarwar started the event with an opening speech, where he spoke about the importance of the day while giving key examples of the increasing world population particularly youth in developing countries. He highlighted the steps being taken globally to address the issue of increasing unemployment through skill development. He also pointed to the fact that the theme of the celebration – Get Skilled, Get Employed is very apt and timely and underscores the very fact that the acquisition of skills by the youth will enhance their ability to make informed choices with regard to life and work and ultimately empower them to gain access to changing labor markets and creating viable employment opportunities. He addressed the trainees by challenging them to get empowered through skills development which is synonymous with the institution because education and training are key determinants of success in the labor market. 

After that, an inclusive panel session was held among the participants to further discuss the main aspects of the World Youth Skills Day. Different individuals with a different take on the idea of skill development were brought together to enlighten the youth and share their ideas as they grasp what they believe is imperative to augment sustainable growth and progress in the world. They considered the pros and cons of being skilled and not skilled. 

The following points were drawn from the discussion;
1.    Time utilization 
2.    The importance of self-determination 
3.    The aspect of S.K.I.L.L – Service, Knowledge, Integrity, Look Inward (Creativity), Love what you do (Passion).
4.    Education: It was agreed that Education is one of the most important aspects of skill sets. 

After the panel discussion was over, Mr. Bilal Sarwar delivered an inspirational speech on ‘Creating a New You’. Having worked over the years developing and counseling youth on the need for self-empowerment, his strong passion for the youth echoed across the hall. Talking on skills and talent development, he noted that ‘any skill you have is your claim to fame yet with an appropriate measure of discipline’. He urged the youths to work to get better at what they do. The youths were charged to use their skills to make a difference in society.

After Mr. Bilal Sarwar’s speech, trainees had a debate session among themselves on ‘skill development of youth in India’. In their individual presentations, they emphasized that the government, as well as private players, should make skilling of youth more inclusive by making their outreach to school and college dropouts. They further added that more focus should be on practical and industrial exposure during the skill development training of youth so that youth feel confident about their career progression.

The event concluded by a mesmerizing song on skill development in Dogri language by the trainees to enthuse the audience. It was absolutely laudable performance by the trainees.