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Technical Talk on 'Safety and Precautions'

Don Bosco Tech (Jalandhar) organized guest lecture for Assistant Electrician domain on October 17, 2019.

Mr. Deepak Chana (Domain Trainer) invited his friend Mr. Ravinder Singh to deliver a lecture on Safety and Precautions. Mr. Deepak welcomed him to Don Bosco Tech and introduced Mr. Ravinder Singh to his students. Mr. Ravinder interacted with the trainees and asked them some basic questions about the domain which the trainees answered well. Then he stared with the types of electricity. He explained that there are two types of electricity one is AC that is Alternative Current which is also of two types, Single phase and Three Phase. The second one is DC that is Direct Current and is Single Phase. After the explaining about AC and DC, he talked about safety and precautions used in the profession because this profession contains so much danger and risk, the worker should know about all the safety tips while and before working. The information delivered to the trainees was valuable and full of knowledge. The trainees and the trainer thanked the guest for such useful information.