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Children's Day Celebration (Sambalpur)

The Don Bosco Tech-Sambalpur celebrated Children’s day on November, 14 2019. Mr. Basant Kumar Khamari (Branch Manager, Punjab National Bank) was invited as a chief guest for the occasion. Mr. Ajaya Kumar Badi (centre coordinator) formally welcomed the chief guest, all beloved trainees and Don Bosco Tech staff.

Mr. Basanta Kumar Khamari stated to discuss about the character development, objections are raised by those who fear it might preempt family values or venture into religious ground. We nurture these characteristics in young children because we prize them in others and strive to develop them in ourselves. For instance, we hope that children will learn to handle powerful emotions, maintain a positive outlook, work hard, exercise self-control, overcome adversity, and attain wisdom. They are regarded for their effects on others-such things as expressing gratitude, showing compassion, learning to share and cooperate, respecting differences, treating others fairly, and demonstrating thoughtfulness. He said as you know the day is a reminder that every child deserves education, nurturing and the best of everything. They are the building blocks of the nation and hence, the future of the nation depends how well they are brought up.

Mr. Khamari said Children’s day celebration provides big opportunity to everyone especially neglecting people of the country. It force them to think about future of their children by realizing them duty and responsibility towards children. It is possible only if each and every individual would understand their responsibility towards their children.

Some cultural programme was also organized like dance, song, drama & games by the students. Students fully enjoyed this day as they were allowed to wear casual dresses instead of uniform on that day. At the end of celebration, sweets and prizes were distributed . Teachers also participate in various cultural activities to entertain and make the students happy.