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Football Match for girls to mark Children's Day Celebration at Don Bosco Tech -Kokar

On the occasion of Children's Day (November 14, 2019) Don Bosco Tech- Kokar organized a unique and youth favorite event to mark the day.

The celebration started with a short prayer and continued with football match for girls. Both the teams F&B of PMMKK and Don Bosco Tech SMO marched to the playground with great vigor and spirit. As the match began the crowd outside the playground cheered players with slogans, claps, beating drums, whistling etc. They played the match very energetically, resulting at the end with SMO trainees winning the match with 2/0 score. Winners as well as the opponent team were given the certificate of participation and appreciation.

At the end of the match all trainees and trainers had lunch together after the lunch we all danced in delight and made the day a memorable one.

We are grateful to Fr. Noble SDB, our Center Head and state team for organizing soccer game to encourage our trainees. Participants and as well as the spectators expressed unanimously saying, “There was no better way this wonderful day could be made meaningful for all of us than to engage us in an activity that has enthused us with positive energy, developed sportsmanship spirit, taught us discipline, team work and cooperation, released stress and tension, made us feel that we are strong, ready to strive forward and achieve our goal”. Yes, these few words expressed in passion and emotion are a proclamation of how greatly trainees have enjoyed the day, not forgetting the numerous experiential learnings they have gone through.