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Sales Associate Trainees visit to Reliance Smart

To acquire the authentic background of the work field, and to demonstrate the industrious skill, Don Bosco Tech- Karunapuramorganised the exposure Field Visit of Sales Associate domain, under Accenture Phase -10, on October 25, 2019, to Reliance Smart store at Alankaar Centre, Hanamkonda. The main purpose of conducting these kinds of field visits for the trainees was to gain some practical knowledge of their respected domain by visiting of work field physically. So, that the trainees may get ideas of their respected working field, as well as they may reach their destination about work Performance of particular designation– Customer Service Assistant.

Mr. Arun Kumar (Assistant store manager) appreciated our service of helping needy youth by giving the training. He welcomed the trainees and helped the trainees to observe all the things in the store and asked the trainees to give any suggestions to change the manner of the store if needed and also asked the trainees to give their feedback and remarks after observing the store.

Trainees obtained the erudition about the store - the proper setting way of arranging and dispose of the items or products in each and every department separately. Separate sections allotted to particular Products, equipment, Items, and things, Vegetables, Frozen Items, High Values, food, and nonfood, etc. All products were available in all types of quantity in the market. Different types of food items and fruits, all eatable things and also kitchen utensils all equipment are kept in their particular sections. One of the customer associates showed how to face the products, and how to check the expiry date and how to calculate the expiry date and best before date of a particular product to expound the distrust of customers.

The store manager asked our trainees to gather at one place and asked our trainees comments regarding the store. He collected feedback from trainees and asked some questions regarding the retail industry and work referential in the retail sector to examine the trainees knowledge in their domain.

He also explained the customer behavioral skills to the trainees in the store, how to convince them to buy a product, how to explain the uses of equipment, the way of explanation by attracting the customers to buy another product related to their fondness. How to deal with the customers, when they are in a dilemma to buy the same products in different quantities. The main key responsibility of a customer associate is to have the patience in all the situations to handle with the customer, and to have the patience to stand many hours, Retailer should always convince them to buy more quantity of products by explaining the way of offers and save certain percentage of amount in rupees, So, that particular section sales may increase, people also get some spirit to come again and visit the same store to buy things whenever they need and how much far away they stay.

Another important thing he shared with the trainees - Punctuality, and perfection of Customer Sales Associate work. The sincerity of hard work and perfection in work will help the trainees to grow in the retail industry. Following all the rules and regulations of the organizations also shows the responsibility and sincerity of a person who likes to grow up. The levels of Factories was clearly explained by Mr.Arun Kumar.

The trainees had an idea of how to make a good appearance in the store by receiving the customer and doing all the things according to the organization rules and departmental different type of responsibilities according to the brand, packing the Items according to the needs of customers and cutting, etc. Trainees observed all the things in store, that having some offer boards and pasted save cards for each and every product in the store, arranged all the products. Finally, trainees had one demo session by using credit and debit cards in the billing session at the end of the visit.

Trainees were very happy about the participation in the field visit in the big store, they had experienced about their work field properly by visiting the store. They thanked the store manager and Don Bosco Tech society facilitators to give an opportunity to conduct the exposure visit to learn skills in the implementation period.