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Real Industrial Experience at Substation at Dundigal

To get the real industrial experience and to perceive the hard work of an electrician in the electrical department. Don Bosco Tech- Gagillapuram organized exposure field visit for the electric trainees on November 27, 2019, to the substation at Dundigal.

The trainees were welcomed by Mr. Raju (Station In-charge). In the beginning, Mr. Vineeth(electrical trainer, Don Bosco Tech Society) introduced Mr. Raju to all the trainees and staff members. He also introduced our institute, our trainees' knowledge base as they have to the Station Incharge. Mr.Raju also introduced himself and started explaining how the power supply is processing at station and types of power supplies and also power distributions from the power plant. The session followed by discussing the types of batteries and how long the battery works and also discussed inverter and it’s work. Then he explained the Transformers and how many types transformers may use in the Substation level.

He also gave an explanation about the safety precautions while doing electrical related work and uses of first aid how the trainees have done that practically in the class about safety things.

Mr. Raju also shared some more important knowledge about the workplace like how to decrease the voltage of current from 33 kV to 11kv, Basics power supplies at homes, and about transformers parts like tap changer, Breather, conservator and cooling tubes, how it works and also he explained about earthing points how to put the earthing wires at our homes and how it helps to human beings to be safe with electrical items, and also he explained H.v (high voltage), L.v (low voltage ).

Then the substation manager asked our trainees to feel free to ask any doubts regarding electrical work. Our trainees asked questions and received the clarified answer by Mr.Raju. Fortunately, trainees gained good knowledge about their domain on the power supply at the substation. After completion of the explanation of the electrical part, Mr.Raju asked some questions to our trainees and our trainees answered well and good.

Mr. Raju appreciated the trainees and admired the Don Bosco Tech and trainees for their dedication towards the poor and needy people by providing these kinds of courses for free of cost. At the end of the field visit, our trainees expressed their gratitude to Mr. Raju for his deep explanation and all the faculties of Don Bosco Tech Gagillapuram, and the entire team of Don Bosco Tech Skilling India for providing them good opportunity to get the skills regarding electrical field by conducting exposure visits. The visit concluded with a group photo included all.