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F&B trainees visit to Bay leaf Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

An Exposure Field visit was conducted for Food and Beverage Services Trainees to Hotel named Bay Leaf Multi-cuisine Restaurant on October 25, 2019, under Accenture Phase 10.

The main purpose of conducting exposure visit for the trainees was to attain the skills and to observe the work of a steward at the workplace by seeing practically. To experience the Hotel Industrious work as well as special characteristics of a steward in their field. The Trainer opted Bay leaf Multi-Cuisine Restaurant with the help of concern person Mr. Arun (Assistant Manager, Hotel Bay Leaf Multi-Cuisine Restaurant).

The trainees arrived at the reception along with the Hospitality trainer and they were welcomed by the hotel’s Assistant Manager. The Food Courts are a short hike away from the hotel reception. Mr.Arun has given a responsibility to team Leader to handle the whole visit. The team leader showed the area, where the guests are served where it has a self-service food counter, meeting rooms, breakfast rooms separately.

He explained regarding the front office and said that " Front office is an important role in the hotel to interact with the clients or guests when they are entering into the Hotel or Restaurant. In every Hotel or Restaurant, the first department is the front office to help the guests for what they are expecting from the Hotel when they step into the Hotel".

He continued his words by describing steward work responsibilities, he said: "A Steward is responsible for the food and beverage services to arrived guest in dining steward also have the responsibility on cutlery and crockery items".

He said about the useful things to set up the tables and types of table settings. The session followed by showing the service technique while serving food from the food premises to guests.

He made the trainees enter into the banquet hall where the celebrations parties and functions take place. Here, Mr. Arun, the Assistant Manager took charge to explain banquet hall work. He put an important thing in front of the trainees - they should follow the rules of the Hotel like holding uniform, spotless shoes and clean shave, grooming and make good Service appearance to the guest in a conservative style.

At the end of the visit, Trainees had the opportunity to take the photo. The trainees got an idea of the hotel and the way of how it operates and also the way how it measures environmental impact.

Overall, it was an excellent experience and useful for all the trainees of Hospitality Domain to have the practical knowledge by conducting exposure visits.