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A guest lecture to magnify the skills and improve the competences of Trainees in the Hotel Industry

To magnify the skills and improve the competences of Trainees knowledge in their respected domain, Don Bosco Tech- Karunapuram conducted Guest Lecture for the Hospitality domain under Accenture Phase - 10 on November 5, 2019. Mr. Venumadhava Chary-Senior captain of Kenn's Hotel at Banjarahills was invited as the resource person for the guest lecture. Mr. Vijay (Hospitality Trainer) introduced him to the Trainees about his qualification, designation, and Experience. The Guest also introduced himself and started the session.

Mr. Venumadhava Chary started the class with the definition of Hotel, departments of Hotel Industry, as well as the importance of Food & Beverages Services in a Hotel. He informed the trainees about how to take orders from the guest and giving orders to the K.O.T.(Kitchen Order Taking). Then he moved to the topic of Front Desk Department who has the responsibility to welcome the guests and give the information about the hotel to them.

The receptionist should receive the guest with a smiley and active face always and should pass the information in a polite way.

Then he moved on to the Grooming status. Grooming is an important feature of the Hotel Industry. He said that "Hair should be out closely and short cut. The uniform should be spotless and well ironed. Nails should be well-manicured and hands absolutely clean. Shoes should always be polished and in conservative Style. A close shave is necessary to start the duty. A trainee has to avoid bad breath and should not bend and walk. Also, the Food & Beverage department service steward should know the menu of the Hotel Production department every day. Because only the Service department interacts with the Guest.

He shared his experience with the trainees, he shared the challenges he faced to get this position as Senior steward. He inspired Trainees by his experienced words to be stable in the Hotel Industry. The session continued with the Punctuality and Responsibility of a Trainee in the Training Period.

Our trainees had some doubts regarding Food & Beverage service – steward. He clarified the doubts and practically showed how to receive the guest and how to serve the continental cuisines and all, and also how to give menu to the customer. Trainees were very happy to have this kind of lectures conducting between implementation. It was useful to the trainees to remember the experiential words.

Finally, he said about the employment opportunities available in the hotel industry and motivated the trainees to stick to their job. Finally, Mr.Vijay has expressed gratitude on behalf of centre management and trainees.