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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Liluah
Domain : Helper Electrician
Employer : Akash Enterprises
Designation : Electrician

Nezamuddin Ansari, was a trainee in Helper Electrician domain under J.P. Morgan domain in Don Bosco Tech Liluah centre. He belongs to a small locality, 38 B.K Paul, Temple Road Belur, Howrah district in West Bengal.

He is son of a poor farmer and has completed his class 10th examination. He has always been a hardworking and diligent student who would always greet everyone with a warm smiley. He is a keen learner who always thirsty to gain more knowledge as he is very much aware about the value of education and had wanted desperately to continue his education. The irony in his life was that though he desires to continue his studies but he needed money for that which he or his family were unable to arrange with the meagre amount his father earn from his work. He also needed an approval from his father to continue his studies as he is the only son in the family, it is his responsibilities to help and assist his father to support the family members monetarily. manage. 

During one of the mobilization drive in the neighboring locality he overheard the announcement about the skill training opportunity in Don Bosco Tech. Without even losing a minute, he headed towards the mobilization campaign where her collected the distributed pamphlet as well as interacted with the community mobilizer and trainer about the training program and opportunity it beholds. In a very short period, he along with his father visited the training centre to know more about the training program and their benefits. He added that one of the sole reason for wanting to join the training program in Don Bosco Tech, was the charismatic aura of St. John Bosco which drew him to the thought that he has been provided with a golden opportunity. Finally, after the thorough counselling and Interest Inventory Test, he joined Helper Electrician domain on the suggestion by the trainer who had understood his need and interest during the interaction with Nezamuddin. 

He joined the training program but at the beginning he found it difficult and painstaking to adapt to the new ambience. But despite all the difficulties he stayed on and his perseverance finally paid off when he could pick up the Electrical classes which he had dreaded whole his life till his joining the Institute. Day by day he proved himself to be smart, sociable cheerful etc. He did his training in electrical house wiring and industrial wiring and operating and completed the training successfully after three months from his enrollment. He also got his placement in Akash Enterprises in Bengaluru and is very happy and mirthful with the monthly remuneration of Rs. 12,000 along with accommodation earned as the fruit of his hard work. His families as well as his neighbours are delighted and amazed at the change that came over him. “I am grateful to Don Bosco Tech for giving me a new life. I have not any adequate words to describe my joy.” says delighted Nejamuddin.