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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Dimapur (AIDA)
Domain : Assistant Beautician
Employer : Vivanta by Taj
Designation : Beautician

I am Kezenguale Zeliang, you can call me Keje. I am a 22-year old girl, who with the blessings of God and DB Tech is working successfully with Vivanta by Taj and earning Rs. 12,000 per month. I didn't have even any clue that I will be in Chennai one day. There was a day when I was sitting idle at home after matriculation. My uncle recommended me to enroll in BASE which was especially launched for poor and needy youth by DB Tech in association with MoRD.  Since I was simply sitting at home and didn't want to burden my parents, I decided to join the programme with an intention to do something in my life. I didn't know anything about the course, but got the complete information after visiting the Don Bosco Tech centre located in Dimapur. When I was given option to choose a course, I opted for Spa domain because it involves a kind of treatment that relaxes the body, mind and soul of a stressful person. It also involves the job of relieving a person from all the tensions. This is a profession that provides a healing touch to an individual. That's the reason, I really like this profession. It feels good when I serve my guests. The best thing about my job is making people happy, which itself is counted as a big achievement. I feel happy to be working for the people who are full of worries. I feel great when after taking the treatment some people say that they don't want to go back.

On the very first day, when I joined the training, I was quite excited to meet new people, to experience new environment and to be a part of new family. That was the day when I decided to choose Spa profession to earn and support my family.  When I joined the training, I didn't know anything about Spa. But during the training, I was taught many things including the beauty tips, how to converse with guests, how to book an appointment, even what to do and what not to do, body treatment, how to attend a call and all the manners required for this profession. All three months of the training were just amazing and 'WOW'. However the happiest day was when I got the placement in Vevanta by Taj. That was the great moment for me which I never forget. I am really missing the love and care I have received during training at DB Tech. I have learned a lot here, but I want to learn more for a better job in the same sector.  I have decided to study further since I am just 10th pass. This will surely help me get a higher position. Now I am looking forward to achieve another dream of opening up my own Spa in Nagaland. Since I don't have my father; and my mom is much dependent on me even though I have two elder brothers.

At last, I am extremely thankful to Br. Sunny Joseph (Regional Head, DB Tech, Dimapur Province) and DB Tech for all the support and assistance. If they would not have been with me, I would not be able to attain my goals. I was like a newly born baby when I came to Don Bosco Tech. DB Tech has nurtured this baby in three months  with hands-on skill in Spa domain to earn a sustainable  livelihood.

When mother of Keje, Ms. Aswangle was asked to share something about Keje and her success, she said, “Keje wanted to study more but I could not support her. Her father expired in diabetes at a moment when I wasn't financially stable. I sell chilly power from door to door. Being the only source of income, I was finding it really difficult to look after Keje and her two elder brothers who were at home looking at me for any requirement. One of those days Keje was introduced to the BASE, a training programme being offered at DB Tech by her uncle. Even though she was bit hesitant to join the programme at first, but finally she decided to join. After she started to attend the training classes, she used to come home and share her happiness about vocational training and the activities she used to perform during the classes. After completion the training, she is now a completely changed personality, from a shy girl to a confident, bold and outgoing person. Right after the training, she got the job in Jiva Spa (Taj Vevanta) located in Chennai. All our financial issues were almost solved. I lived the best moment of my life when she handed over to me her first salary. It really enlightened my heart. It definitely gives me a proud feeling that my daughter has started supporting our family financially. Being the youngest child in the family, she is the first one to help us financially.   All of our relatives have started praising her at being successful in getting a noble job.  I had never thought that my daughter will reach here, but I feel blessed to see her flourishing. DB Tech's programme has really been proved to be helpful to us. Keje has also supported one of her elder brother with in running computer shop by giving in financial help. She sends Rs. 5,000 every month. One of her brother is working in service sector to earn Rs. 8,000 per month. She keeps on persuading her cousins to undertake the skill training being provided by DB Tech and to be independent. I am pleased to say that I gave birth to child like Keje, I am proud of having her as my daughter.”