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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Raipur
Domain : Sales Associate
Employer : McDonald
Designation : Team Leader

“I am in dire in need of work.” A feeble and nervous tone comes from a 25-year-old young Mr. Suresh Toppo. The youngest of the three siblings of late Mr. Julius Toppo and late Mrs. Sabina Toppo. Losing parents at a very early age is the worst thing that life can teach a person. Grappling to figure out ways and means to survive ended up his stay with uncle’s family at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Then back to his native land, Meral, in Dumri developmental block of Gumla, district of Jharkhand.

Mr. Toppo, a shy and timid boy hails from nature’s bounty inhabitant village.  His elder brothers live in the village who depend on farming for their livelihood. The whole family had to take responsibility at an early age and this made his brothers occupied in their agricultural labor. In such circumstances, there could not have been a better option for Mr. Toppo, as a small child who was looked after by his uncle’s family. Nothing in the world could suffice the loss of one’s own family and its loved ones. So also for Suresh who grew up longing for attention, love and affection drove him slightly off the track. He got into bad companies who are addicted to smoking, drinking, so on and so forth.

The need for independence and self-assertion became stronger as the days and years passed and took to conflicts, arguments, and many other misconducts at home. He knows Mr. Vipin Kishore (Trainer, Support Domain) who works with Don Bosco Tech Society. Eventually, he approached him and expressed his willingness for training and getting employed. Mr. Toppo’s uncles’ family agreed to this idea and wholeheartedly supported him. Accordingly, he joined Don Bosco Tech Society, Raipur center under Accenture Project, and opted Sales Associate Domain. Even though the training center was several kilometers far away from his home, he never failed to attend all the training sessions. His hardcore experience, working at home had prepared him to face the challenges in the workplace and get a job come what may this time. Rigorous training at Raipur center made him confident, positive, and well-groomed. When the classroom training was over he was sent for an interview with McDonald’s in Magneto Mall (Raipur). Providentially, the mall management officer is a well-wisher of our center and has an admiration for the work done for the less fortunate ones, offered Mr. Toppo, a lucrative job.

Mr. Toppo, remaining true to the expectation worked sincerely and diligently. His track record compelled the authorities to promote him within a month of his joining. Of late, he has attended a two-month advanced training in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Thereby, he got promoted as a team leader with a salary increment. He preferred to stay back to work at Ahmedabad after the training, realizing the growth prospects in his career. He is extremely happy while he can earn a handsome salary of Rs.12,000/- a month. He helps his elder brothers as and when required, feeling financially independent. He is thankful to Don Bosco Tech Society and  Accenture, the funding partner, for supporting him tread through a hard time of his life.