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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Nongstoin
Domain : Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning)
Employer : Compass Group, Hyderabad
Designation : House Keeping Attendant

“The door to success opens for those who never give up.”

Mr. Jonal Lyngdoh Nongumlong is currently working in Compass Group, Hyderabad as House Keeping Attendant. He is receiving a salary of Rs. 12,565/- per month with other perks and benefits. He was trained under the SHCDM project at Don Bosco Tech Society, Nongstoin in the House Keeping domain.

Mr. Nongumlong was born on April 6, 1999, and brought up in a far off village in Mawklot, East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya. Among the siblings, he is the second. He is a lovely child of Ms. Airoda Lyngdoh Nongumlong and Late Youwanki Rymbai. With much struggle, he completed his education from Sanmer Upper Primary School in his village in the year 2016. The family’s financial condition posed a grave threat to his education. Thus, he dropped out of school.

Being dropped out, and unskilled started working together with his friends in the canteen of Meghalaya Secretariate as a waiter. Not so long but he worked there just for some years only. While working here he realized he had no skill in hand and thus cannot switch to other jobs.  In this uncertainty, Don Bosco Tech’s free skill training with placement opportunity was like a dream come true. Mr. Nongumlong visited Don Bosco Tech, Nongstoin center to know more about the free training program. Upon thorough briefing and counseling by one of the Trainers, he decided to enroll for the course in Tourism & Hospitality sector under SHCDM Project in the Housekeeping Attendant domain.

Mr. Nongumlong joined Don Bosco Tech, Nongstoin Centre on March 29, 2019. “He was a keen learner,” as observed by one of his trainers. Though dropped out of school he put in a lot of effort in the training program and was able to meet the expectation of the trainers. He completed his training as a Housekeeping Attendant. Mr. Nongumlong was quiet and introvert by nature. But he is hard working especially in the class. By dint of his hard work, he was able to complete all his given assignments and other tasks on time. The training was difficult for him as he was the seventh-grade candidate. His progress was visible during and after the weekly assessments. His determination and perseverance finally paid off when he was hired by Compass Group in Hyderabad where he continues to work with a monthly salary of Rs. 12,656/- per month.

 “I am thankful to Don Bosco Tech for allowing me to skill and upskill. Had there been no opportunity opened to persons like me at Don Bosco Tech I would not be working here, now. I can support my family because of the opportunity provided by Don Bosco Tech, my alma mater. The Training I received was very good and even the trainers are qualified enough to train a person, making them fit for the job. I am grateful to the trainers for helping me reach where I am today,” said Jonal Lyngdoh Nongumlong.