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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Raipur
Domain : Sales Associate
Employer : Future Group
Designation : Team Member (Brand Coordinator)

Yugal Kishor Hirwani is an alumnus of Don Bosco Tech, Raipur where he completed training in Sales Associate supported by Accenture.

Yugal is from Chhapora village, Baloda Bazar District of Chhatisgarh where the native of the land is predominately dependent on farming for their sustenance. His father, a farmer, toiled hard to meet the needs of the family single-handed as his better half left for her heavenly bliss, leaving her four sons and two daughters premature. The problem started to creep in. His family faced an acute financial crisis. It was so much so that they could not even afford to meet their basic requirements. 

The family’s struggle was disheartening, at times. However, Yugal, with a fighting spirit that continued his study until he completed graduation. He often thought that he would do something to overcome the family’s difficulties but not knowing how and from where to start. Amid such discouraging circumstances, he got information about Don Bosco Tech’s free Skill training program from one of the alumnus. He thus joined Raipur Center with an inquisitive mindset to explore maximum and learn after the initial inquiry from the trainees. 

He opted to get trained in the Sales Associate domain as he always wanted to be a smart and good communicator. His hesitation and low self-confidence pose an obstacle to his growth initially. Despite all these problems, he left no stone unturned to train himself by being regular for the practical classes, actively took part in all the activities conducted at the center.

On completion of the training, he was selected in the interview to work with the Future Group (Big Bazaar) as a Team Member (Brand Coordinator). He grew enormously both personally and professionally at the workplace. He is now confident significantly though not mastered. He loves interacting with customers at Big Bazaar as he enjoyed a handsome salary of Rs.12,3,565/- per annum.

He has become a strong support for the family. “I have a strong desire to start my own business and the business plan is already in the pipeline,” Said Yugal Kishor with immense joy. Owing to his determination and hard work, his dream has true. Now, he is the owner of two commercial taxies, each one earning around Rs. 30,000/- per month. One of his brothers helps Yugal in managing the business. However, the grappling situation due to COVID has affected the business profit marginally. Yet he is hopeful of the grim situation becoming better soon. 

His family is extremely happy with Yugal, as he earns good money, and is helping the family become financially independent. At present everyone, at home, is engaged in work and doing well in life. Two brothers joined the father in cultivation, two sisters got married off and have their own family. “I thank the trainers, in the first place, for accompanying me as a good friend, mentors, and guides, and Don Bosco Tech as an organization for the opportunity. My family and I are grateful to Accenture for elevating my life by training, handholding placement support,” said Yugal in an attitude of gratitude.