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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Pakhanjore
Domain : Auto Service Technician(two and three wheelers)
Employer : Neolight Pvt. Ltd,Haryana
Designation : Technical Helpers

Suraj Kumar Sori is a 20 years old tribal boy from Atur gaon, a small village surrounded by highly dense forest in Kanker District and extreme Naxal affected area of Chhattisgarh. Born in the family with five members, life was not easy as everyday was a struggle to live their life. His Father, Sri Narad Ram is farmer and the only person to bring income in the family while his mother, Ramula Bai is a house wife. Lack of opportunites made Suraj to sit idle at home with no future until one fine day when his friend told him about DBTech Training centre at Pakhanjore. 

When Suraj came to the DB Tech training center at Pakhanjore, Chhattisgarh, he was a shy nature boy. Suraj was counseled by team of trainers and advised him to enroll in Automobile Repair domain under the project of Hans Foundation. Being of shy nature, he initially had a tough time in grasping effectively with his trainers. But together they surmounted all challenges, by attending soft skills class conducted during the training. Finally, Suraj passed out in flying colours with a good record. 

A few days after completing his Automobile Repair course, Suraj attended a job interview. He received a job offer as a Technical Helpers in Neolight Pvt. Ltd Bahadurgarh (Haryana). He cheerfully accepted the modest starting salary of Rs 8000 per month, and went about his work with great zeal and commitment. His Manager, Mr Sandeep tells, “Suraj is one of the dedicated and hard working employees in his organization”.

“I am really grateful to my trainers for believing in me and enlightening self-belief in me” sayss Suraj, thanking DB Tech (Pakhanjore) for what he is today. He continues, “After getting this job now I can help my father for my sister’s marriage in a good family”. He also wants to continue his studies in distance education. Mohit (Trainer- Automobile Repair) says “I am proud to train a shy natured boy to a responsible earning member in the family”. “I am impressed that Don Bosco Tech has turned my child to a responsible person towards the family and supporting me for fulfilling the family needs” says his father Sri Narad ram. All family members are happy now.

Suraj’s achievement has inspired many unemployed youth from his villages who now wants to take training in DBTech Training centre.