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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech-Katihar
Domain : General Duty Assistant
Employer : SMBT
Designation : General Duty Assistant

A short-height-girl Ms. Asha kumari hails from a far off village namely Ghoswa Bari, Belwa, Katihar district of Bihar. As per the economic strata, she belongs to a Below Poverty Line (BPL) family. Her father, Mr. Jittu Ramani, a vegetable vendor, and Mrs. Sushila Devi, a homemaker, together earn around Rs. 60,000 a year. However, it was bare enough to make ends meet before she took up the job at SMBT, Nashik as a General Duty Assistant (GDA).

Ms. Kumari dropped out of Soul Winning Mission School, khuskeebagha, Purnea due to hefty fees. Her parents had to support other siblings for their education as well. Ms. Kumari managed to complete Higher Secondary in the year 2019. When she came to the katihar center to be inducted for training, in the first attempt she was rejected citing her height 4.2” and weight 30 kg. But her stern interest and seeing her family status alter trainers’ decision to accept her for the training in GDA for the 3rd batch in the center.

“I have found her to be a person of hardworking, determined, a good leader, and confident. The poverty-stricken family has taught her, as the saying goes ‘experience is the best teacher’, a lesson to adapt to any given circumstances and that is what I have noticed in her,” said her trainer.

After completing her training, she faced an interview for Wockhard Hospital, Mumbai. However, even here she was rejected due to her short height and underweight. She was disappointed but encouragement and support of the staff members gave her a second chance with SMBT, Nashik where she was selected with a Payroll of SODEXO Maharashtra, as a GDA with a salary of Rs. 10,664 per month with free food and accommodation. She has been working there for the last six months, as on date, in the NICU and CCU departments of the hospital. Not just that she is also a proud recipient of an ‘award of recognition’ by Dr. Pooja (Pediatrician) for her sincere and hard work. Her staff members are very happy to have her in their department. Parents, on the other hand, are happy indeed for she is not dependent on them for financial support. Instead, she is helping her family financially. Now her family is in a better financial condition than ever before. The parents have great hope that she will do well in her life.

Don Bsoco Tech Society wishes that the good things come on her way. Good luck and success in all her endeavors.