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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Lalitpur
Domain : Retail & Sales
Employer : BATA Pvt. Ltd
Designation : Retail Executive

It was the time, when DB Tech’s mobilization activities were going on in the village Marui, which is located in Mohanlalganj Tahesil, Lucknow (U.P.). One of the staff members noticed a clumsy boy continuously looking at them with curiosity and zeal in his eyes. He politely invited the complete team to his house; the team went through a biggest shock seeing the miserable condition of the family. Enquiring from the family they get to know that his father is a poor farmer who cannot bear the expenses of educating his son. And also that Ramendra had just passed his intermediate examination and has discontinued his studies owing to the poor financial condition of the family. The team even learned about Ramendra’s will to work to support the family. This is when the DB tech staff members served the boy as per the requirement; they told him about 3 months vocational job oriented training program conducted by Ministry of Rural Development of India in conjunction with DB Tech.

On the day of counseling, he came confidently and filled up the interest inventory that decided that he will be admitted to the Sales & Retail domain. The Retail trainers made him aware of the challenges one needs to face while working in the retail sector. Work pressure, long hour shifts and the targets are enough to step back, but one needs to be determined. As he was ready to accept such challenges, he started with his training. And very consistently and sincerely, he completed his training; throughout three months of training he was one of the most disciplined students, shared a trainer.

Ramendra hard work and devotion resulted in the form of a job in BATA Pvt. Ltd., Delhi. It’s been 5 months that he is working in BATA as a Retail Executive. He has recently been transferred to Hazratganj, Lucknow. What is impressive about Ramendra is his attitude toward working, even during the time of adversity; he never gave up, he always strives to overcome his short comings. He is now supporting his father and also continuing his studies.  He says “DB Tech has changed my life and enlightened my career. Today, I am not what I was few months ago. I advise the village youth, if they really want to change their life and get successful, they must join DB Tech. I am highly thankful to my trainers and the complete staff of DB Tech society”. His father is of the view “My son has now become matured enough, he not only understands his responsibilities but also working to fulfill all of them, thanks to DB Tech”. His mother says, “Ramendra has now learnt the lesson of life. DB Tech has made him strong and capable enough to face the reality”.